+- How many days before my arrival can I book a villa for rent?

We accept all reservations 48 hours before arrival .The entire payment must be done at the arrival .

+- How do I get the keys to my rented villa?

The keys are handed over on arrival, by the person who greets the guests.

+- If I have to cancel my vacation rental, how can it be done?

Complete refund for any cancellation made 30 days before arrival date.

50% refund for any cancellation made 14 days before arrival date.

No refund for any cancellation made within the 7 days before arrival.

+- Is there an Internet connection on site?

Yes the houses are all equipped with WiFi

+- Can I add extra services at my rented villa?

It is possible to have an extra cleaning service, or a meal service.

+- What is the latest time I can arrive?

You can arrive from 15:00 until midnight.

+- How is the inventory carried out?

A person who greets the clients on their arrival at the site will carry out the inventory of fixtures, and also at the end of the stay.

+- What should we bring (equipment, linen, foodstuff) in order to arrive best prepared?

Linens, sheets and towels are provided. We do not provide beach towels. Food is not provided, supermarkets are nearby (1km)

+- Is the beach far from the villas?

The villas are 1.5km from the beach of Mikri-Vigla

+- How do we get to the villas?

You have a number of options:

  • Taxis are available upon arrival at the port or airport.
  • The car rental companies also offer delivery to the arrival locations.
  • A bus line serves the area of ​​Mikri Vigla, buses go from the port of Chora

+- How can we travel from island to island?

Island-to-island travel is done by boat, with scheduled airlines, or daily sightseeing boats.

+- When is the best time to go to Naxos?

The summer months of July and August are obviously a popular time with water sports enthusiasts (kitesurfing, windsurfing) where the wind is the most favourable. The heat of summer is moderated by the effect of the wind.

The months of June and September enjoy a milder temperature, but are also good for swimming, and walking on the island on foot, or mountain biking.

During the pre-season months of April to June and the après-season months of September to November, you can enjoy calmer atmosphere, outside the busiest tourist periods.

+- What water activities are available in Naxos?

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddle, diving, swimming, etc. You will have a great choice in Naxos.

+- Is there public transport in Naxos?

A bus service serves the entire island from morning to late evening during the season and a reduced service is available the rest of the year

+- What car rentals are available in Naxos?

There are many companies offering car rentals. It is also possible to rent quads, scooters and bicycles

+- What languages are spoken in Naxos?

The national language is Greek but all traders and innkeepers speak English.

It is also common to find people who speak French or German.

+- How far from the port is Mikri Vigla?

Mikri Vigla is 17km from the port of Chora.

+- How far from the sea are the villas?

The sea is only 1.5km from the villas.

+- What is there to do and see with a family in Mikri Vigla?

Swimming, water sports, aqua-park, sailing trip, fishing, karting circuit, walks, discover the island, by car or with bus excursions, etc.

You can also visit many island villages: Halki, Filoti, Apiranthos or ancient sites like the Kouros, Temple of Demeter, Portara, etc.

There are many hiking paths on marked trails for nature lovers which will give you the opportunity to discover many Byzantine chapels.

Visit Chora, Portara, the Old Market, the Kastro. Museums, art exhibitions, paintings and sculptures also feature on the island.

+- What activities are available in Naxos?

Water sports, windsurfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddling, diving, underwater fishing, mountain biking, hiking, jogging, horseback riding, etc. The choice is yours!

+- What are the must-see places in Mikri Vigla?

Of course! The kitesurfing and windsurfing areas!

+- How can you protect yourself from the wind in Naxos?

Several beaches are sheltered from the Meltem, the prevailing north wind, like the Alyko beach in the south of the island.

In addition, the villas are built on a location well sheltered from the wind.

+- Is Mikri Vigla a quiet town?

Mikri Vigla is the ideal place for kitesurfers and windsurfers.

It is a village outside the town, which is quiet both by day and by night.

+- Which are the most beautiful beaches in Naxos?

All the beaches are beautiful, from north to south of the island. There are beautiful golden sandy beaches on the west coast: Aggia Anna, Prokopios, Mikri Vigla, Kastraki, Glyfada.

And sandy beaches of Alyko and Pirgaki to the south are more sheltered from the prevailing wind. Further south, Agiassos is a very long sandy beach as well.

To the east, the coast is rugged with many creeks which are less visited, with red rocks and sand like Moutsouna, and Panormos.

Further north, there are also many attractive places: Lionas bay, a pebble beach in Apolonnas, sand and waves in Amiti Bay, etc.

The island offers a multitude of inlets and sandy coves.